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We build websites for brands that want to blog.

WordPress Web Design, Blog Services, Search Engine Optimization, Vacation Rental Marketing, and Training

We are a WordPress web development blogging agency located in The Alberta Arts District of Portland, Oregon. We work closely with our clients and partners to develop strategies that will benefit your online presence and brand. Find out how a WordPress website and blog services can help your small business grow. Schedule a free consultation today.

Service Details Web Design and Search Engine Optimization.

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Blog services in Portland, Oregon. Learn to Host Your own Blog and gain more of a Search Presence in your targeted Market

blog services that help you Gain confidence in maintaining your own WordPress Website Blog and gain more exposure through your own branded voice. Contact us today for a free consoltation about blog services

Your Business is unique and so are your goals


Creative Edge Media Group partners with small to medium-sized businesses providing customized blog services on the popular WordPress blogging platform focusing on optimized keyword-rich post creation. Owning and maintaining a personal website and blog can help your business gain exposure in your targeted market.  Develop a unique branded voice among your audience to boost your business’s exposure.  Creative Edge Media Group trains businesses in the following: blogging on WordPress, vacation rental marketing, search engine optimization, branding & design, social media marketing, and website hosting.

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Generating impressive results

We are a small group of experienced digital creatives, advertising specialists, website designers & developers, blog services providers, vacation rental specialists, and social media marketers that want to generate impressive results for and, with you. From empowering small businesses through personal tutorials using or engaging with our clients over their data via team platforms like Google Workspace your brand or business will gain the creative edge it needs to attract a new and exciting crowd.

Wordpress Training & Development

We emphasize building websites on the popular WordPress platform for its multitude of benefits. We specialize in blog services and will train you to build your own website and blog or we can develop it for you.

Coaching & Consultation

Part of our core concept at Creative Edge Media Group is that with the right consultation and coaching any business can flourish creatively. Try our blog services and blog and SEO training program today.

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Google Services

People are searching for a business by using Google and its services more than any other popular form of Search. Find out how your small business could benefit from a private coach. Launch your business on the largest search network the internet has to offer.

Pinterest Services

Social media helps businesses and people connect, discover, and share information. Pinterest advertising is a must. Learn how easy it is to start a Pinterest advertisement and gain more impressions in the marketplace.

YouTube Advertising

People are spending a lot of time watching videos online. Well over a billion people visit YouTube alone. That makes all of these users potential customers. Decide what potential customers will see your ads with a detailed Youtube campaign today. Make sure to follow our channel too.

Learn how easy it is to list your business on Google Maps

Your target market is out there waiting to buy from you; All they have to do is find you! Learn how easy it is to get noticed on Google maps so that your local business can be found. Locate your potential customers and funnel them in front of your Google Maps listing and advertisement today.

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The Ultimate Guide: Why Vacation Rentals Triumph Over Hotels

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DIY Vacation Rental Website Design using OwnerRez Booking Automation Software and WordPress

Are you thinking about starting your own vacation rental business? Or maybe you already have a vacation rental, but you're not quite satisfied with your current website or the fees associated with VRBO and Airbnb. If so, you may be considering designing and building a...

10 Content Creation Ideas to Promote Business for 2023

Let’s face it; There are a lot of content creation ideas to promote business for 2022. Content is key in digital marketing and can make or ruin your marketing efforts. With the increased use of social media, more and more businesses are coming up, and many promote...

How do I turn on voice search using Google and the future of mobile search?

Have you used Google voice search? Have you ever asked the question "How do I turn on voice search using Google"? If so then keep reading. If you are working in advertising or digital marketing then you know by now that voice search is the future of mobile search. For...

Blogging vs Social Media: What’s the Difference and Why Blogging Is Beneficial

So what is the difference between a blog and a social media post? blogging vs social media posting is something that is often questioned in the world of content marketing. Blogs and social media posts are not the same. Blogs focus on long-form content while social...

How to start a blog and get paid | A guide for new bloggers

You. Yes, you. Do you think you can make money through blogging, make blogging your new passion, and have a real income? In this blog post, I will give you some advice on how to start a blog and get paid. An idea of being a blogger might have crossed your mind, and...

Consult with online ad experts & web experts to boost business exposure

Your business takes a lot of time to perfect. That is why you should pass off the busy work of marketing and SEO to a professional. Consult with online ad experts & web experts to boost business exposure and success. As a small business owner, it's your...

Three reasons to blog as an expert small business owner

You are a professional, an expert small business owner in your field, and popular local business. Your niche is awesome and that’s what makes you and your business successful.  So why are you not blogging? In this article, you will find three reasons to blog today....

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