WordPress Website Design Services in Oregon

Creative Edge Media Group offers WordPress Website Design Services. Learn about the process and what it takes to get your new WordPress website and blog started.

WordPress design

Wordpress Website Design & Development

There is a good reason why over 4,000,000,000 websites have been created with WordPress. The platform is user-friendly, reliable, extremely customizable, and very popular. All the tools are there from the start when building on WordPress and not to mention sites built on this popular platform allows users to integrate SEO very easily.

landing page website

Landing Pages

What is a landing page?  A landing page or short-form landing page is a single-page website that is to the point and funnels the user to an action. The goal is to get the user to the next level in your sales funnel. In short, it gets the user to call you or fill out a contact form. 

    start your blog

    Optimized Blog Integration

    Blogs can play a major role in your marketing mix and should be an important part of any business’s web goals. All of our websites have blog integration and focus heavily on content creation or blog post creation. If you are interested in learning more about a monthly blogging plan let us know.

    e commerce website

    E-Commerce Solutions

    In today’s world customers are searching more then ever on the web to do their shopping, and if your business does not have a way to sell online then your business is missing out. By harnessing the power of WordPress and WooCommerce your website will be running on one of the most powerful platforms on the web and have the security it needs with a powerful community of developers behind it.   

    Five questions that a landing page needs to answer.

    • What is your business? Who you are!
    • What are the benefits and features of your service or product?
    • How do you differ from your competitors or how do you stand out?
    • Why should potential customers choose you?
    • How can you be reached?

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    Wordpress Website Design

    Why do I need a web designer or consultant?

    The first question one needs to ask when thinking about building a website is, what is my goal, and what do I need to achieve from this website?  If these are questions you have not thought about, then you should probably call a designer or web consultant right away.  There is a lot that goes into a website.  Yes, there are plenty of DIY web builders out there and yes, you can do it your self for very cheap, but that does not mean that you will get results.  When hiring a professional you will get a unique design, have insight into new technologies, gain access to webmaster services, and have a deeper understanding of what SEO is and how to optimize your new website. Many people do not realize the importance of web design, nor do they see what damage a poorly constructed site.  Give us a call or get in touch so we can discuss in greater detail your project. Let’s start today.

    WordPress Website Design Pricing & Packages

    Landing Pages


    Conversion Landing pages

    The perfect site for lead generation

    + This landing page comes with your basic contact information and a contact form

    + Up to 5 images

    + Video Integration Available

    + Mobile Responsive

    + Blog Ready

    + Add additional pages for 175.00 per page

    All sales are final. No Refunds

    Basic Website


    Basic Business Website

    This WordPress Website is great  for a service-based business

    +3 to 6 pages

    + Mobile Responsive

    + Custom Design tailored to your branding and business

    + Blog Ready

    +  Photo Gallery Ready

    + Add more pages for an additional $100.00 per page

    + Hosting available with monthly maintenance packages

    All sales are final. No Refunds

    Deluxe Website


    Deluxe WordPress Website

    Good for E-commerce, Vacation Rentals, Real Estate or larger sized small businesses

    + 10 pages

    + Mobile Responsive

    + Google Map Integration

    + Blog Ready

    + E-commerce Ready

    + Photo Gallery Ready

    + Add more pages for an additional $100.00 per page

    + Hosting available with monthly maintenance packages

    All sales are final. No Refunds