Three reasons to blog as an expert small business owner

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You are a professional, an expert small business owner in your field, and popular local business. Your niche is awesome and that’s what makes you and your business successful.  So why are you not blogging? In this article, you will find three reasons to blog today.

Blogs have been around from the beginning of the internet. The first blogs were called homepages and in 1997 the term “weblog” was coined. To some, blogging remains a mystery while others seem to appear as internet gurus. Whether or not you know what a blog does not matter for the purpose of this article.

Are you thinking, that’s right, and how do I start? or, I am already blogging but it’s not working or what the heck is blogging anyway and how can I do this when I am just a small business owner. Well, don’t worry, you have come across the right article and will have three reasons to blog or more when you have read it.

Three reasons to blog

Here are some compelling reasons for you to start blogging.

  • A blog helps build trust and respect among your customers and potential customers.
  • Blogs can also help build respect among your competitors and peers.
  • Your blog will help your website rank better organically and higher on the web search results.
  • It can provide valuable online resources for your current customers
  • Blogs are a useful platform to gain feedback from customers and potential customers.
  • It can provide content that can be repurposed many times over.

Where to start

If you have made it this far, congratulations! You are starting to understand the benefits of maintaining a blog. At this point, if you are a beginner the main thing you need to know is that your blog starts from your spark; the feeling you had when you first came up with that business. It comes from your interest and your passion. Who knows more about your business than you do? Start Now!

Effective blog posting tips of the trade

To spark your interest and keep you motivated we have put together some actionable methods and tips for creating an effective blog post that you can implement and use today.

Tip One: The title is everything

Your title is everything because it is the first impression and what makes or breaks a reader from clicking on your post. You want to make sure it’s not too vague but also not too long. Make sure to include something actionable to help you increase click-through rates and include a primary keyword that relates to your target audience.

Readers spend time browsing titles on places like Twitter and Reddit, search engine results, or via their RSS reader. If your title is compelling and interesting and enough people read it, your article could go viral.

Tip Two: Providing your readers with useful and engaging content

Content is the key to a great blog. If you provide well-organized content that is well written, structured, and interesting your blog is bound for greatness

Your title is what will draw in your target audience. But, to hook them in and keep them reading you must have an introduction that captures their attention within the first few seconds of reading. Keep the introduction short and simple but treat it like your meta description by working in some of your keywords.

Activate your audience and keep them reading by using videos, relatable images, blockquotes, charts, and downloadable materials like infographics to break up bodies of text. The more exciting visual components you have in your post with multiple pieces of your content to share and comment on, it will mean a better chance for your post to be shared which is the ultimate goal.

Tip Three: A visually optimized post makes it easy to read

If you do not optimize your post for easy reading your readers will leave. Let us face the facts. No one wants to read a giant text block. You could have the most well-written article on the web, but if it is not easy to consume you can expect a high bounce rate and a minimal amount of sharing.

Make sure that you are breaking up the text with compelling subheadings, bolded text, internal links to your other posts, and at least one unordered list. It may be hard to remember everything but if you do, you will reap the benefits.

Blog Services | Creative Edge Media Group

You have what it takes, now put your ideas to work and start blogging.

You have the expert knowledge as a small business owner and now have Three reasons to blog. I hope these blogging tips will inspire you. The next step is to gather your content and get to it. If your slow at starting or still need any help setting up your platform or just want to consult with a blogging strategist before starting Creative Edge Media Group is always ready to help. Don’t forget to read our post on trending topics

Are you ready to start with these Three reasons to blog? Contact us today for an in depth strategy conversation.

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