Trending topics can boost short term search engine optimization

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Blog, Content Strategy, Key Words, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

So, what are trending topics and SEO you ask and why are they important? Trending Topics are popular phrases being discussed throughout the internet at that time. The term is commonly accredited to Twitter but used on other social media networks such as Google+ and Facebook. How can you benefit from a trending topic? Read on and gain some useful tips.


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Search engines look for fresh content and will show up higher in the rankings if you are able to predict trends and have new dynamic copy written for your site. It is not easy to predict, however, a clever copywriter can often find information related to their site that will propagate throughout the internet. For example, when Google launches a new feature or Apple comes out with a new phone it is generally a trending topic. People are more likely to be searching these topics and if the site has well written, keyword dense material, your site will be found.

The immediate benefit from this trend will be short-lived, but any back-links that you can pick up will be helpful for your overall site ranking down the line. There are niche markets for every topic out there. Capitalizing on the attention around trending niche subjects is a great way to attract more traffic to your site. There is quite possibly a way to write about any trending topic you can think of. It just takes some imagination and determination.

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